Instagram reels algorithm 2021

How Does Instagram Reels Algorithm Works 2021

Instagram Reels is designed to be fun!!!

This has to be one of the most important lessons that I took away from this recent article on Instagram. But, does this mean that I will stop posting Instagram reels ?

No, no.

Because, as any access to Instagram, it’s important to have a diverse content strategies. This means that a wide variety of different types of content that will meet the objectives.

Whatever the case may be, this article really highlights a number of interesting points about how we can make the best choices for the instagram reels .

Instagram Reels Algorithm 2021

View Duration algorithm for instagram reels

Instagram finds high-ranking Reels based on how likely an audience is to watch the whole Reel.

Here’s how you can increase your chances:

  1. Keep your Reels between 7-9 seconds long.
  2. Make a quick, relatable joke that is easy to understand/react to right away.
  3. Include a surprise ending that makes the viewer want to watch it again.
  4. Use transitions to keep your audience interested and engaged.

Interaction algorithm for instagram reels

The article says IG ranks a video higher if you “like it” and “say it was entertaining or funny”

Here’s what I suggest for this:

  1. Do something surprising, helpful, funny, or impressive for LIKES
  2. Ask a short question at the top of your caption and on-screen for COMMENTS
  3. Use the caption and your Stories to remind your audience to SHARE

Audio Page algorithm for instagram reels

High-ranking Reels are ones that get the viewer to click on the “Audio Page” to see other Reels made with that sound.

You can find this at the bottom of any Reel.

Image credit:@soravjain 

To take advantage of this, I suggest using audio clips that have already been used for other videos.

The article didn’t say this, but personally I think people are more likely to visit the Audio Page for non-original sounds to check trends.

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Instagram reels algorithm 2021

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