Free Instagram Reels Editing Tools For Beginners

Free Instagram Reels Editing Tools For Beginners

Move over to TikTok, Instagram Reels are here – and they want to spread.

Launched in late 2019, Instagram’s response to TikTok has received mixed responses from creators, promoters, and brands.

What does this mean for you? Instagram Reels is another great way for your product to add engagement and awareness to an already popular network. By building Reels now, you have the opportunity to take advantage of them early.

Below are some of the best Instagram Reels ideas to help you skip starting a creative process.

For Instagram Reels Ideas

  • – Tokboard is powered by a data-collection engine which is constantly fetching data from the TikTok platform. The database now contains data points for more than 80 million top videos and 5 million users, taking up more than 50 gigabytes for metadata alone.
  • Tiktok – Check the discover tab and view the recently trending hashtags/challenges.
  • Instagram – Go to Reels, select the ‘+’ and then go to the trendings sound tab.
  • Youtube – Go to Youtube, search ‘Instagram Reels Trends MONTH 2021’ for current month.

For Instagram Reels Music

  • – Download Reels/Tiktok audios directly from here .Kapwing makes video editing smart, accessible, and collaborative.
  • Spotify – Search Up Many Playlists Likes instagram reels songs.
  • Inshot – Put a downloaded Reels Video Into Inshot, go to ‘Music’,select’Extract Audio”

For Instagram Reels Editing

  • Inshot – No introduction needed.This is the best mobile video editor around.
  • Reels – if you can make a reel entirely within instagram then i suggest doing this.
  • AZ Screen Recorder – use this app to screen record phone tutorials for reels.

No Watermark

If you’re putting a TIKTOK video on REELS, you MUST remove the TIKTOK watermark.

As of June 2021, this is the best way to it

  • Go to
  • copy a link from your tiktok video.
  • enter it on ssstik and select ‘Download’

 For Cover Photos

  • Adobe Lightroom – Edit and apply filters to photos you plan to use for Reels covers.
  • Unfold- Access high quality templates that are sized for Reels covers.
  • Canva – Modify any of their ‘IG Story’ templates for Reels covers.
  • Typorama- Easily add text to pre-existing photos for instant Reels covers.

Increasing Reach Of Instagram Reels

  • Pinterest – Upload your Reels o Pinterest as ‘Idea Pins’ for amazing reach right now.
  • IG Stories – Share your Reels to your IG stories as soon as you upload them.
  • Curation pages – Submit your Reels to popular/meme pages a few weeks after.
  • Reels audio page – Search for popular Reels that already use the audio you want yo use!

Free Instagram Reels Editing Tools For Beginners

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